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Complete Voice and Data Solutions brings faster, cheaper broadband to Staffordshire

Business connectivity provider Complete Voice and Data Solutions is rolling out a single order generic ethernet access (SOGEA) fibre broadband solution across Staffordshire ahead of the ISDN shutdown.

Because the solution doesn’t require a landline connection it is around 30% cheaper than current fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) set-ups, while also being quicker and easier to install and more reliable.

Complete Voice and Data Solutions MD Mike Ridgway said: “SoGEA provides dependable connectivity of up to 80Mbps because it’s a single connection focused solely on broadband. This means businesses will be able to do more online, without the worry of buffering or interruptions.

“As well as great download speeds and more cost-effective pricing, SoGEA will completely transform the way businesses connect and communicate both internally and externally, as it’s designed to make the most of innovative cloud-based systems.”

He added: “As the deadline for the ISDN shutdown moves ever closer, businesses need to consider new ways to communicate effectively. Cloud-based systems have become a vital step in future-proofing business connections. Even though it uses the same framework at FTTC, SoGEA users will experience improved performance and reliability due to the consolidation of PSTN and internet connection. SoGEA is the best solution to support this change as it allows for high-speed broadband and seamless communication while eliminating unnecessary charges.”

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