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Communicate collaborates with OPPORTUNI to win lucrative Kent Innovation Centre contract

Tech start-up, OPPORTUNI, worked with the team at Communicate to diversify and grow Communicate’s customer base through their ‘tender as a service’ platform, resulting in a significant contract win for the firm.

OPPORTUNI’s AI-powered tender portal service connected Communicate with relevant contracts by identifying the most appropriate tender opportunities as well as providing a community of bid writing experts to further support the team’s successful submission.

Communicate, established in 2011, has offices in Wynyard, Leeds and Kent, and its existing customer base in the private sector employs them to network and connect business parks and multi tenanted office spaces on a national level.

The contract with Kent Innovation Centre will see the firm managing IT, telecoms and internet provision across the facility.

Their collaboration with OPPORTUNI, described as ‘a revelation’ by the team at Communicate, meant they received all the tools and guidance to bid for and win further public and private sector contracts, boosting their bottom line and ability to map out sustainable growth into 2021 and beyond.

Suitable tenders were sent directly to Communicate’s inbox, saving them time, resource and money. They leaned on OPPORTUNI’s support team to bid on the right tenders and make effective bid or no bid decisions.

OPPORTUNI’s services conveniently allowed Communicate to instantly download all relevant documentation, cutting down hours and therefore costs.

Tony Snaith, CEO of Communicate, said: “When introduced to the concept, we knew that OPPORTUNI had the solution we’d been looking for since tendering began.

“It has been a revelation for the way we search for contract opportunities, as we only view relevant ones, saving us a huge amount of time and resource.”

Tim Ward, CEO of OPPORTUNI, said: “Like many SMEs, Communicate required support in understanding the types and ranges of public sector contract opportunities available to them.

“Often tenders and bidding can be complex with little assistance out there for businesses looking to break into the public sector.

Tim added: “We wanted to help the team overcome these constraints and give them the capacity to engage fully with the process. We are excited that our partnership has allowed them to achieve great contract wins and build on their success.”

Find out more about how you can grow your business, powered by OPPORTUNI here, and sign up for your 14-day free trial today.

OPPORTUNI, a venture capital-backed scale-up, gives small and medium-sized businesses a genuine ability to match with government tenders and provides them with all the tools they need to compete and bid alongside much larger firms.

Although their services are available now in the UK, US and Europe – OPPORTUNI are originally one of the North East’s rising stars, according to Tech Nation. Its goal is to bring more first-time bidders into the market in the next three years than the entire three decades before it.

OPPORTUNI also enables small businesses to access some of the world’s best bid writers through its marketplace. This unique global network gives both writers and business owners complete transparency on costs like never before and levels the playing field once and for all.

Find out more about OPPORTUNI at or get in touch at

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