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Colour is the key to customer choice

With the purchase of stationery products tending to be an impulse decision, consumers are increasingly looking out for modern, trendy designs that are synonymous with quality and convenience.

Punchy, vivid tape dispensers and glue sticks decorated with brightly coloured dots are just two examples of an eye-catching, new product range from tesa. A marketing initiative that is driven by consumer insight. From the hues and tints naturally occurring in nature, to colours used in packaging to grab the attention of consumers, it’s common knowledge that colour plays a very important part in our lives.

tesa colours

Colour can influence thoughts, change conduct and trigger reactions. It’s widely understood that it can even raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite! When used in the right ways, colour can calm or excite.

tesa recognises that a consumers’ willingness to make purchases depends in large measure on a product’s colour and design. “To make the tesa product range even more attractive, we worked extensively on the product design and the effect of colour.” says Kirstin Bergmann, Senior Product Manager at tesa Consumer & Craftsmen.

After that, consumer tests helped the team to identify what customers want, “We conducted a survey to find out the most popular colours for our items,” Bergmann explains. “As part of the survey, the tesafilm® Mini dispenser was shown to the test audience in various colours,” she says. The pink and cyan blue versions emerged as the clear favourites, with respondents indicating that they perceived these colours to be especially vibrant and modern. They now give a fresh look to five products in all. Additionally, tesa incorporated the other popular colours in its range of mini correction and crystal film dispensers. Developing the full product range took about two years, Bergmann says.

tesapack® Pack ‘n’ Go for example, demonstrates exactly what can be achieved when product performance is optimised and aligned with an aesthetically appealing design.
With the trend for shopping online and the click and collect model continuing to grow at impressive rates year on year, UK retail e-commerce sales rose to top £60 billion by the end of 2015*. It’s inevitable, therefore, that customer returns are on the increase, with ‘e-tailers’ experiencing return rates as high as 60%, compared with that of around 6% on the high street†.

tesapack® Pack ‘n’ Go provides the perfect solution for customers returning goods and wanting an efficient, easy to use method to ensure their parcels arrive back at the depot intact. By comparison to other carton sealing tape dispensers, tesapack® Pack ‘n’ Go is compact, lightweight and colourful. Ergonomically designed to ease application, refilling the dispenser is also straightforward. What’s more, tesapack® Pack ‘n’ Go’ is fitted with a serrated blade that is set at an optimal angle to enable precise cutting of the tape and is available in striking pink and cyan blue.

tesa tape

Another example of tesa’s investment in stationery products that are not only useful but practical is its latest Stop-Pad Technology.

A ground-breaking invention that guarantees a secure hold of the dispenser to the desk, the tesa® Stop-Pad is discreetly integrated on the underside of the tape dispenser and activating the technology is easy too, by simply removing the protective film from the Stop-Pad and pressing the tape dispenser down firmly on to a flat, clean, grease free surface.

Despite the Stop-Pad’s powerful hold, the dispenser can be easily removed, without leaving behind a residue on the surface. Furthermore, if the Stop-Pad becomes dirty, just cleaning it with water reactivates its adhesive strength. Currently, three of tesa®’s Easy Cut® tape dispensers incorporate this new technology; the Compact, the Frame and the SMART editions.

Suitable for rolls up to 33m:19mm, the tesa Desk Dispenser Easy Cut® Compact is the perfect solution for any desk, big or small. A serrated blade for cutting allows easy one handed use with all tesafilm qualities. Dispensers are a light weight modern design, available in eye catching colours to brighten up any office.

Adding to tesa’s impressive portfolio of ergonomic tape and stationery products, tesafilm® Mini Dispenser EcoLogo® has been updated with new and vibrant colours that make this handy tape dispenser even more appealing to these discerning customers.

The latest versions are available in striking pink, blue, green and purple. They are also available to stockists in new and improved display packaging, which draws attention to the products’ features and ease of use.

tesafilm mini dispenser

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the compact and handy design of tesafilm® Mini Dispenser EcoLogo® makes it simple to use and appropriate for a wide range of applications at home, work, school and even on the move.

With its open core, the dispenser can easily be placed on a finger, leaving both hands free to neatly wrap a gift, repair a paper tear or apply a strip of adhesive tape wherever something needs fastening.

A solid metal blade with a wavy profile adds to its ergonomic design, allowing users to cut a strip of tesafilm® at exactly the length needed. Easy and precise cutting prevents unnecessary wastage, meaning the roll of tesafilm® crystal 10m (9mm wide) premium quality tape can be relied upon to be long-lasting.
It’s as convenient for youngsters to take to school or college and store away in any pencil case as it is for parents to carry and use it when out and about, at home or in the office.

Quick and easy to use and refill, tesafilm® Mini Dispenser EcoLogo® balances instant appeal with long-term satisfaction.

From mini dispensers designed to provide more versatile ways of completing a wide range of paper based sealing activities, to desk top dispensers that are suitable for casual parcel packing tasks, glitter pens, mini-glue rollers and triangular glue sticks tesa’s product range offers a clever solution for every application.
* eMarketer (Research institution)
† Fastlane International (Courier Firm)

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