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COLOP UK launches the world’s first e-mark stamp

COLOP UK Ltd is set to revolutionise the printing industry with the launch of the world’s first e-mark® – an electronic mobile marking device based on inkjet technology, that operates in combination with an app on a mobile device or PC, to create, change and print your own imprints.

The COLOP e-mark® allows designs to be stamped with ease on to absorbent material, including paper, books, cartons, serviettes, paper bags and wood.

Ease of use and accessibility of the app, downloaded to a mobile device for free from Google Play or the App Store, means the innovative e-mark® can be used to design, amend and store impressions quickly and designs printed immediately on different materials with a simple sideways movement.

This revolutionary device paves the way for large companies to private end users, to cut costs as well as time, and stamp designs themselves.

A wide range of texts or images such as company logos or photos can be printed in full colour. Date, time or numbering functions are also included, e.g. in the form of a barcode or QR code generator together with many more features.

In contrast to conventional stamps, a single impression can measure up to 150 mm in length. A special function then enables it to be repeated any desired number of times with a simple sideways movement. Currently, the only limitation is the height of a row, measuring almost 14 mm.

COLOP CEO Ernst Faber said: “With the innovative product ‘e-mark’, a milestone has been set in the stamp sector, and the final step in the digitalisation process will have been taken. The e-mark® is the perfect organisational and office tool, opening up a vast array of other options associated with customisation.”

The new e-mark® device has a number of benefits:

  • Mobile & flexible use – Users can create, change and transfer full colour imprints easily on the e-mark and mark anytime, anywhere with ease.
  • Office and organisational tool – Users can stamp on printed documents, mark on folders or office equipment. Special functions such as automatic date and time, QR- and barcode generator and a set of predefined templates simplify office work.
  • Personalisation and marketing tool – Users can personalise folders, envelopes and bags making it perfect for marketing purposes.
  • Logistics – Its inbuilt battery and QR- and barcode generator included in the App allows the user to mark packages, labels or documents with barcodes, article numbers or other information.

The e-mark® has been created in cooperation with Hewlett Packard’s specialist printing system.

Annette Friskopp, General Manager of HP Specialty Printing Systems added: “We are very excited to see COLOP’s e-mark® product come to market leveraging HP inkjet technology, which is perfectly suited for this marking device.  This application of HP technology in digital marking provides COLOP’s partners and customers a wide range of capabilities not offered by static stamps.”

COLOP Managing Director, Kiran Mistry MBA, concluded: “ E-mark® heralds a New Era offering much needed market stimulation and a great recurring profit opportunity for all in the supply chain. My COLOP UK team and I look forward to showcasing this revolutionary product at the London Stationery Show on 30th April – 1stMay and we will be visiting our key customers in the very near future. We are extremely proud to be part of the COLOP family, living and breathing our mantra: ‘The Spirit of Innovation’.”

The COLOP e-mark®opens up numerous new applications and has the potential to introduce a new era in the field of marking technology.

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