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Cloudbox: The ‘All-in-One’ IT in a box for SMEs

Cloudbox has launched a comprehensive ‘All-in-One’ IT in a box for SMEs, it includes a comprehensive range of IT solutions, security and support that a normal business requires for £49 per user per month. This innovative concept ensures that SMEs can easily budget whilst knowing that their IT is secure, flexible and always up-to-date.

Nick Goodenough, Cloudbox UK CEO explains: “Cloudbox incorporates email, 10 year email archiving, sophisticated file sharing, full backup, antivirus and full endpoint security and even Office 365 into one simple package, taking the complexity out of IT.”

IT resources and applications are managed offsite in the cloud, so customers don’t have costly onsite servers to maintain. With no unexpected costs, budgets can be projected more accurately and with only one set of licences to manage, customers have the flexibility to scale up or down as they require.

Nick Goodenough Cloudbox UK

“The solution balances compliance and control with usability and functionality and ensures that your software is standardised throughout your company, with no licensing or other costs to consider,” he adds.

Almost uniquely, Cloudbox includes truly unlimited IT support for all devices including desktop, laptop, tables and mobiles and this includes change requests and new device configurations.

Goodenough says small businesses especially struggle with budgeting for IT services and Cloudbox’s unlimited support contract protects them from unexpected costs, delays and disappointment.

“Cloudbox unlimited support gives responsible small business owners complete control over their IT spend on a month-to-month basis and they know exactly what their costs are as they grow,” he explains.

He believes that the practice of charging separately for IT support leads to problems and is a legacy of the old break-fix model of IT. “Properly specified and managed IT should not go wrong.”

“We invest heavily in automated scheduled maintenance, security management including patching and constant monitoring to help ensure that our clients do not suffer IT downtime,” he stresses.

Support doesn’t stop at ensuring that everything is working though, as Goodenough explains: “Our emphasis on automated proactive support frees up our support guys to help our clients get the most out of the Cloudbox software features.”

“From the latest cool Teams feature which helps colleagues and external parties work together to reminding them how to create an Excel graph. It’s little wonder that 86% of Cloudbox customers would recommend them, an enviable rate in the field of IT,” he concludes.

Cloudbox partners with carefully selected best-of-breed vendors and suppliers for its solutions, those that are highly resilient, secure and backed by comprehensive uptime and response Service Level Agreements. As well as its core product, Cloudbox also provides a range of supplementary services including on-site infrastructure, Microsoft Azure hosting and low-cost IP Telephony.

Ultimately through offering all-inclusive IT and support at a fixed rate per month, Cloudbox gives small and medium sized business owners the freedom to focus on their business instead of worrying about IT issues or costs.


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