Cloud-based collaboration

Posted on Apr 26 2017 - 8:05am by Editorial Content

weConnect, Barco’s collaborative learning solution for higher education, provides teachers with a new palette of tools with which to create their preferred teaching methods. The solution allows users to participate in a lecture from the comfort of their own device. Students can interact with the teacher using their tablet or smartphone; the teacher can issue a poll or a quiz to solicit feedback; remote students can pose a silent question, which other students can Like – the possibilities are virtually limitless.

weConnect a cloud-based system

weConnect a cloud-based system

Barco’s weConnect is a cloud-based system, unencumbered by complex infrastructure. All users gain access to the classroom system through a web-based cloud app. This gives teachers full moderation control of the content shared within the classroom, and students a close-up view of what is being shown on the classroom displays.

Barco’s wireless presentation and display nodes portfolio enables students and teachers to share their information on the central screen or the pod display with ease. And teachers and students alike can experience the flexibility and intuitive operation of the software via the simple browser interface.

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