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Choose sit/stand says Century Office

Sit/stand desks have been finding their way into an increasing amount of offices in the past few years but are still not a constant presence. What scare many employers off is the expectation of high prices and few benefits – neither have to be true.

Sit/stand desk from Century Office

Affordable, practical and aesthetically pleasing office furniture is not solely for large corporations, the small business owner can now kit their workplace out with contemporary desking and seating that will boost employees’ wellbeing and productivity without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Ergonomics are essential in the office environment to ensure good posture and prevent back and neck pain. It’s therefore imperative that companies purchase good ergonomic desks and seating to improve employee’s quality of living by minimising pressure on muscles and joints, increasing blood flow and hindering muscle deterioration. Though it’s important to offer this to all workers and not only to those with pre-existing back/neck conditions. This will not only help employees in the long run but will also lessen the chance of absent staff due to health problems.

Choose sit/stand desks and you will see a return on your investment through happier, healthier and hardworking staff. Research has shown that a height adjustable desk improves concentration, productivity, reduces back pain and can even help to burn three times as many calories as a sit/stand encourages movement throughout the normally sedentary day.

As this style of office furniture has gained more and more popularity, it has also become increasingly accessible. Select a sit/stand desk that lives up to the promise of being cost-effective without compromising on quality, a possibility that is more tangible than ever.

Autonomy Pro sit/stand desks

Once you’ve bought your sit/stand it’s key to use it correctly. Seated work needs to be regularly broken up with standing work as a variety of sitting and standing will provide the absolute best result. It’s recommended that you should spend at least a minimum of two hours on your feet with the main aim of reaching an ideal of four hours.

As well as avoiding too much seated work, remaining in a static standing position should also be avoided. It’s advisable to always change or shift weight between legs in order to reduce fatigue. As well as shifting weight, you should also frequently adjust the posture of your body throughout the working day.

When buying office furniture go for a sit/stand desk as not only do they improve posture and wellbeing , but productivity, morale and energy levels rise when ergonomic furniture is introduced into the workspace. It’s important that we eliminate the bad backs and necks of the contemporary office and the best way to do so is by bringing sit/stand desks to the masses. 

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