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Canon offers 3 year warranty on printers and scanners

Scanning is more important today than ever. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t need to print.

Canon has an extensive range of scanners, with modles for all applications.
Canon has an extensive range of scanners, with models for all applications.

Changing working practices, more demanding customers, the increasingly rapid pace of business and the need to increase productivity make it essential for employees to be able to access business documents wherever and whenever required.

This can only be achieved if businesses end their reliance on paper and start moving information around electronically. And to do this, they need scanners that convert information stored on paper into digital files that can be edited, saved, emailed or uploaded to the cloud at the touch of a button.

Speed and efficiency

Scanning printed documents has the potential to transform the way a business operates. Once information has been digitised:

  • it can be moved from A to B instantly,  – no more waiting for the morning post,  – cutting days from business processes
  • it can be shared with multiple team members,  – no need for copying reams of paper
  • it can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, – no need to be in the office to get work done
  • it can be filed electronically and located by keyword,  – no more rifling through filing cabinets looking for missing files
  • it can be integrated with PC-generated documents providing a complete record in one place, – no more delays and call-backs while you locate all the information needed to answer a query
  • it can be tracked and monitored for compliance purposes – no more guesswork and audit anxiety.

Paper-lite offices

In addition to these processing improvements, scanning frees businesses from the drawbacks of paper.

Scanning reduces the need to print and copy, helping businesses cut printing, mailing and filing costs. It creates a neater, more attractive working environment and, through digitising paper archives, can free up space occupied by filing cabinets – space that can be converted into a break-out area or additional meeting room. And it helps businesses to shrink their carbon footprint by reducing paper use and enabling flexible, remote working.

Complete range

Canon has an extensive range of scanners, with models for all applications. These range from high volume document scanners suitable for digitising large paper archives to small portable scanners that enable mobile workers to capture data when they are away from the office.

Canon scanners come bundled with software solutions that maximise the productivity benefits of digitisation, for example by saving scans in common fie formats, such as Microsoft Office so that they can be worked on and edited instantly, or searchable PDFs for instant search and retrieval.

Scanners are not just vital for business processes, such as invoicing or loan processing, they are also essential personal productivity tools that simplify everyday tasks such as personal record-keeping or expenses management.

On-demand printing

So where does this leave printing? Does the rise of scanning mean the end of printing in offices?

Not at all, though it has undoubtedly had an effect on how, when and why people print.

Instead of printing documents and distributing them in paper form and then archiving them, smart businesses today distribute and store documents electronically, printing them for specific, transient purposes, such as marking up, proof-reading or sharing with team members. Once finished with, print-outs aren’t kept in a filing cabinet but are put straight into the recycling bin.

Office printing has changed, but Canon printers, like scanners, remain a vital business tool that office workers rely on to get their work done.

Canon is offering free 3-year warranties on 29 of its most popular scanners and printers, instead of the usual 12-month guarantee.
Canon is offering free 3-year warranties on 29 of its most popular scanners and printers, instead of the usual 12-month guarantee.

For small and medium-sized businesses and workgroups, Canon offers a choice of inkjet and laser devices to suit customer preferences and printing needs.

The new MAXIFY range of inkjet printers, featuring a new pigment-based ink, has been specially designed for business use. The printers come with extra-large cartridges for up to 50% lower running costs than consumer models and feature advanced ink level detection that warns when ink levels are low.

For rapid job turnaround, the MAXIFY range has a fist print out time of just 7 seconds – the fastest in its class. Other useful business features include wireless and mobile connectivity for easy printing, scanning, sending and saving to the cloud from multiple devices; and single-pass, two-sided scanning, for super-fast scanning of pages printed on both sides.

For businesses with higher print volumes or a preference for laser output, Canon’s i-SENSYS printers are an ideal choice. These compact, high quality printers combine sophisticated business features with very low energy consumption and impressive ease of use.

With PCL compatibility and PostScript printing availability, the network laser devices connect effortlessly into an existing IT environment and deliver the productivity benefits businesses expect. High-Performance Controller Technology, which quickly processes even large and complex documents, and Quick FirstPrint technologies ensure print jobs are produced much more quickly than with equivalent competitor devices.

On-Demand Fixing minimises warm-up time and reduces energy consumption, contributing to best-inclass Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) ratings and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Customers can shrink their carbon footprint further by returning the printer’s all-in-one cartridges to Canon for recycling.

Canon is offering free 3-year warranties on 29 of its most popular scanners and printers, instead of the usual 12-month guarantee.

The special promotion, which runs until August 31 2015, reflects the importance of scanners and printers to customers’ operations and gives them peace of mind that they will be able to function normally if something goes wrong with a device.

  • Warranty extensions are being offered on select imageFORMULA scanners and MAXIFY, i-SENSYS and imageRUNNER printers. Depending on the model in question, they include:
  • on-site repair by a Canon authorised technician;
  • on-site exchange, with a replacement machine delivered by courier; or
  •  return to base, with the device being repaired at a Canon-approved repair facility and then shipped back to the customer when in working order.
  • To find out more, please visit

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