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Calling time on plastic

Sonya Cragg, head of sales and marketing at Countrystyle Recycling, explains how to reduce plastic waste in your workplace

Reduce single-use plastic
Reduce single-use plastic

With growing awareness of the environmental impact of plastic, there is a real push to reduce the amount of plastic consumed at home and in the office. Here are six simple steps to cut the amount of plastic waste in your workplace.

1 Reuse bottles
In 2016, 480 billion plastic bottles were sold across the world and this number is projected to rise further. Do your bit to tackle this damaging source of waste by banning single-use plastic bottles in the office. Instead, offer everyone their own cup or bottle that they can wash and re-use again and again.

2 Workplace recycling
Consider recruiting a commercial waste collection company to process workplace recyclables. This will encourage the segregation of workplace waste and the efficient recycling of any plastic that still gets used. Educate staff about the importance of recycling and ensure that there are plenty of appropriate bins and containers around the workplace.

3 Reduce packaging
Re-examine your supply chains and seek out more environmentally friendly suppliers. Those that offer less or ‘greener’ packaging can make a significant difference to the amount of plastic waste generated in the workplace.

4 Ditch plastic bags
Discourage the use of plastic bags and enjoy free advertising by supplying staff with re-usable tote bags adorned with your company logo that they can use at work and when out shopping.

5 Provide crockery and cutlery
Provide reusable plates, cups and cutlery so that staff resist the temptation to pick up plastic cutlery with their meal deal.

6 Delivered goods
It may seem an old-fashioned idea, but milk deliveries still exist in urban and rural areas, so why not get your milk delivered in glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

Implementing initiatives to reduce plastic waste doesn’t take much time, money or effort and can have far reaching consequences. It could even produce a happier, more productive and healthier company. Check your local area for reputable recycling companies.

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