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Buyer’s guide – Ask the experts

What key factors should you consider when choosing a digital signage solution? Business Info asked the experts.

Buyers guide - Ask the experts
Christopher Parker, Sharp

For NEC product manager Thomas Walter, one of the key buying decisions is the choice of display technology – what he calls the ‘3 Ls’: LCD, Laser or LED. He says NEC is ‘technology agnostic’ and can provide all the major display technologies based on the customer’s requirements. Another ‘L’ to consider is Location. Sharp’s Christopher Parker says businesses should ask themselves whether they need digital signage for indoors or outdoors; what the ambient light levels are like; how they can get content onto the screen; what PC or distribution architecture is supporting the content; and whether they need a LAN, wireless, daisy-chain or USB connection. Panasonic’s Gareth Day says that organisations will also need to decide on their display size and whether they need a single focal piece or a number of smaller displays. He added:

Buyers guide - Ask the experts
Thomas Walter, NEC

“Typical visitor viewing distance is important because it affects the size of the display required. The perceived quality of the display is also affected by typical viewing distance, so it is important customers choose the right display for the type of installation they are planning.”

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