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Business leaders the biggest risk to confidentiality

Business leaders are the worst offenders when it comes to safeguarding sensitive business information according to new research by leading storage and information management company Iron Mountain.

Just yesterday a minister was photographed outside Downing Street carrying papers that expose the government’s plans for new grammar schools. This example, not the first of its kind, highlights how leaders who handle the most sensitive information can be the biggest risk to information confidentiality.

Although they handle their organisation’s most confidential and sensitive information, mid-market MDs and CxOs could be the weakest link when it comes to safeguarding that information
Mid-market MDs and CxOs could be the weakest link when it comes to confidentiality

In the survey of over 4000 workers, over half (57%) of the CxOs/MDs questioned said they have left business-sensitive or confidential information on the printer for all to see while just under half (49%) have used a personal email account to send sensitive business information.

Four in ten (40%) have sent information over an insecure wireless network, 43% have disposed of documents in a potentially insecure bin, and 39% admit to having lost business information in a public place. In comparison to employees across all levels of mid-market companies, CxOs topped the list of information-management sinners in all of these instances.

The research shows that facilities and office managers come a close second to CxOs in their data handling bad habits, with over half (56%) admitting to taking sensitive or confidential information out of the workplace and 48% having sent such information to the wrong recipient.

Administrative staff rate well in comparison, but are still guilty of mismanaging information. Just under a third (29%) have left confidential information on the printer, one in five (21%) admit to having mislaid data or sending it to the wrong person and 15% admit to losing company documents in a public place.

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