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What’s New A selection of the month’s best new products

The changing world of work

Compliance: Why every organisation should have a policy for covert recordings

HR:  How to tackle the UK’s long working hours culture

Print : What to consider when transitioning to a cloud-first print strategy

What’s new in the world of stationery

Digital Stamps: The ground-breaking COLOP e-mark

Navigator print quality better than ever with new UHD formula

Collaboration: How Lifesize is simplifying video meetings and collaboration

Survey: 2019 Neopost Mailing Survey

Communications: The benefits of real-time polling for employee engagement

App Update: New apps for business and leisure

Month in Numbers New insights into work and technology

Comment: Do you know what your employees think of you or your business? Do you want to know? Does anyone want to tell you? People tend to shy away from such conversations, until it is too late – except for the few who never stop complaining, and we all find ways to avoid them. Kings used to employ fools to give an indication of how they and their actions were perceived. In modern times, businesses have favoured the suggestion box. People might tell you what they think, but are their views representative of everyone in the company? Does room for doubt give you a licence to ignore what you don’t want to hear? On page 38, we highlight a very modern solution to this problem that enables employees attending company meetings to vote on specific questions and submit written comments using their smartphone and an app. Importantly, they do this anonymously: the messenger won’t fear for his or her life and the recipient can be confident they are hearing it ‘as it is’. By democratising discussions and giving a platform for those whose voices are often drowned out, Vevox enhances employee engagement and helps managers gauge how widespread certain opinions are and therefore what actions they should take.

Vevox is a good example of how smartphones can enhance a working culture. On page 12, we highlight how they can also be detrimental to morale and well-being. Even though I record interviews for work nearly every day, it had never occurred to me that colleagues could be doing the same for more sinister purposes – using smartphones to record evidence of wrong-doing or even for entrapment. Covert recording is a serious and growing problem in the workplace, with enough grey areas and fuzzy edges to keep lawyers busy and their clients on tenterhooks. If you haven’t already drawn up a company policy that addresses voice and video recording in the workplace, it is surely time to do so.

James Goulding, Editor,

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