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Business Info Magazine Issue 138 Read Online

Business Info Magazine Issue 138

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In our new feature on page 14, I couldn’t do my job without…, Dan Scarfe points out that smartphone apps and the cloud have at long last delivered on the vision of being able to access work at any time, from anywhere. Hosted telephony services like Spitfire’s new solution (see page 10) offers the same promise, giving mobile workers the ability to access phone system features and make and take calls through the system via a smartphone app. Security cameras can be managed and monitored through apps, and even notebooks now come with apps that enable users to capture what they have written and store it in the cloud. No wonder cloud video meetings company Zoom has now launched an app marketplace, as we report on page 24.

These developments have changed the role of the office, which is increasingly to provide a space for mobile employees to meet up, interact and collaborate. There are more (and more varied) meeting spaces, more shared desks and, as we describe in our Pen To Paper section in the middle of the issue, some interesting personal storage solutions created to meet the needs of mobile employees. In this section, you will also find articles on monitor arms (P2P page 23), which give employees a quick and easy way to personalise a shared desk, and colourful and inspiring notebooks (P2P page 14). It seems that the more people have come to rely on digital communications and screen- based technologies, the more they are prepared to spend on notebooks, which they view less as an office essential and more as a personal style statement.

James Goulding, Editor,

Read the latest issue here!