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Business Info Magazine – Issue 137 – Free Download

As kids go back to school and colleagues come back from” their holidays, offie life is slowly returning to normal. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be found in the offie; the rise in flxible working means that today’s employees have much more of a say over where and when they work. Technology is the great enabler of flxible working arrangements, such as remote working. But no one would argue that there isn’t room for improvement, especially when it comes to collaboration and teamwork.

Business Info Magazine – Issue 137 – Free Download
Business Info Magazine – Issue 137 – Free Download

Not surprisingly, technology companies continue to bring out new products designed to make this easier. On page 37, we learn about a new type of display from Microsoft that supports collaboration, wherever team members might be; and on page 43 we share top tips for polished video conferences – the dos and don’ts that will ensure employees, especially those who work remotely, make a great impression. On page 15, we learn how Samsung is addressing another flxible working challenge – how to remain productive on the move.

One workplace staple you would expect to remain relatively unaffected by the flxible working trend is the offie desk. Is this right or are changing work patterns having a transformative effect on desk design? Find out what the furniture manufacturers say on page 40.

From technology that supports remote working to a reshaping of the workplace itself, flxible working is fast becoming the new normal.

James Goulding, Editor,

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