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Business Info Magazine – Issue 119 – Free Download

Make 2015 the year of digital transformation

Business Info Magazine - Issue 119 - Free Download
Business Info Magazine – Issue 119 – Free Download

Happy New Year! Who knows what 2015 will bring? One thing that seems certain is that more and more businesses will be accelerating the process of digital transformation. And with good reason. As we report on page 10, a new study published by Harvard Business Review Press suggests that businesses that succeed at digital transformation are on average 26% more profitable than their industry peers.

As every issue of Business Info makes clear, just about every office activity can be improved by digitisation. In this issue, Stuart Evans of document management company Invu wages war on paper and the copier – he calls them ‘ghastly machines’, but they pay my wages; Maxine Park, founder of DictateNow, extols the productivity benefits of digital dictation and transcription; while Purple Wifi’s Gavin Wheeldon looks at how the even the clothes on our back are being digitised.

Elsewhere, in this month’s cover story, Neopost, which is successfully transforming itself from a supplier of mailing equipment into a customer contact specialist, urges readers to do the same by embracing rather than ignoring their customers’ communication preferences. Increasingly – though by no means exclusively – these are digital, mobile and social. For some, the need to support multi-channel customer communications could be just what’s needed to kick-start their own digital transformation.

As all this is going on, some things remain the same, notably our natural love of light, greenery and good views. The absence of these from many office environments has been shown to increase stress levels and destroy productivity (see page 4). One of the advantages of introducing digital processes and removing paper from your business is that you can fill the space you save with break-out areas, office plants, artworks and stimulating lighting – and look forward to the even greater productivity improvements as a result.

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