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Business Info Magazine – Issue 111 – Free Download

What weighs almost as much as a Smart car and is 34 times longer than War and Peace?

Business Info Magazine - Issue 111 - Free Download
Business Info Magazine – Issue 111 – Free Download

The answer, The Sunday Times reveals, is a Government report on the environmental impact of the London to Birmingham high speed rail line. According to the paper, the printed document is 50,000 pages long, weighs half a ton and may require a Commons vote for it to be delivered and shared electronically. Paper has remarkable qualities and benefits and remains essential to many business processes. Yet, there are times when digital alternatives make more sense, not just for (usually exaggerated) environmental reasons, but because they can be cheaper, more efficient and more convenient. On almost every page of this issue, but especially pages 24 and 42, you will find examples of organisations that are improving processes by replacing paper with electronic communications. And none of them has to hold a Commons vote to do so

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