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Business Info Magazine – Issue 105 – Free Download

Fear and inspiration

Business Info Magazine – Issue 105 – Free Download
Business Info Magazine – Issue 105 – Free Download

As a great salesman, CEO Marc Benioff knows how to motivate an audience. His presentation on ‘the social enterprise’ at this year’s Cloudforce conference was a classic of its type, mixing fear and inspiration in equal measure (see page 11 for more details). Many will have left the auditorium believing totally in his vision and impatient to start integrating their enterprise systems with social networks. Others will have felt real unease at the exploitation of people’s personal details for commercial gain – and then fearful that such qualms mark them out as ‘yesterday’s men’ out of touch with modern sensibilities.

MPS without fear

Copier dealers rarely elicit much sympathy, but perhaps we should be more understanding of them. Who knows, we may even miss them when they are gone. Photizo Group’s Ed Crowley is as good at Fear with a capital F as Marc Benioff. On October 11-12 at Photizo’s European MPS Conference in Berlin (see preview on page 12) he will once again tell hardware resellers that their world is about to come crashing down about their heads, as managed print services (MPS) utterly transform the print industry.

The transition from a hardware- to a services-based model that MPS heralds will force resellers to learn new skills and competencies or wither away as better resourced rivals and IT services companies pick up the most lucrative contracts. MPS has consequences for end users, too, but they are nearly all positive. Photizo’s MPS Conference is a must for FMs and IT directors, if only because for two days they will be able to face the future without fear – and in this era of rapid change that is an opportunity to be seized with both hands.

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