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Business Info Magazine – Issue 102 – Free Download

A swipe at apps

Business Info Magazine – Issue 102 – Free Download
Business Info Magazine – Issue 102 – Free Download

This month sees the launch of Sharp’s new range of colour A3 MFPs (see page 33). Colour touch-screens have been a feature of office copiers for several years, but Sharp’s are notable for being the first with ‘fingerswipe’ technology that lets you manipulate thumbnails by sliding, swiping, twisting and stabbing your finger on the display. A second Apple iPhone-like feature enabled by the latest version of Sharp’s OSA (Open Systems Architecture) is the ability to display icons of applications provided by Sharp and third parties.

Let’s hope Sharp is able to resist calling them apps. This most over-used of terms is fine for consumeroriented games etc. but hardly appropriate for the powerful printer-related solutions designed for use with Sharp MFPs. Come back ‘solutions’, all is forgiven.

A report in The Times that Barclays is to stop providing asset finance to businesses with an annual turnover of less than £5 million is a blow to many small and medium-sized businesses. It is particularly unwelcome at a time when asset financing is being promoted as a way for smaller firms to acquire modern energy-efficient equipment like Sharp’s new MFPs, which consume 60% less energy than the models are set to replace.

Siemens Financial Services makes the point that the energy efficiency of the latest generation of equipment is such that electricity savings effectively subsidise the cost of acquisition. And that’s before you take into account savings from printer rationalisation, user controls and apps, sorry, solutions.

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