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Burland to distribute invisible charging solution

April was a busy month for power distribution company Burland Technology Solutions, who has made two exciting announcements. 

The MiniBatt Fi80 wireless charger can be installed invisibly

Firstly, Burland has welcomed Ginny Kacinaite as its new sales manager working in London and the South East. Ginny joins Burland from the Oil and Gas sector, relocating from Aberdeen.

Secondly, Burland has become an exclusive distribution partner for MiniBatt wireless charging systems. MiniBatt, a Spanish company, produces high-quality Qi certified wireless chargers for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, and even hairdressers.

In addition to the standard power unit, Burland offers a wireless fast charge device which can charge a smartphone quicker than a standard wall charger. Both the standard (60mm dia.) and fast charge (80mm dia.) can be fitted invisibly so as not to damage work surfaces and/or create hygiene issues in cafés and restaurants.

Contact Richard Vass for more details: 01473 858 214

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