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Building strong professional relationships in Burnley – Local marketing agency welcomes new clients, CheckedSafe 

Burnley-based marketing agency, Root Fifty-Two, are pleased to welcome on board new clients, CheckedSafe!

“As an agency that was born in Burnley and has always been based here, it’s always a pleasure to strike up new professional relationships with other business owners who feel the same way about the area,” says Root Fifty-Two Director, Kimberley Thompson. “We’re proud to be based in Burnley, and we really love being able to work with other local businesses to help boost their brand, increase their reach, and facilitate their growth.”

The CheckedSafe team are specialists in vehicle compliance, providing their clients with a comprehensive software which enables them to ensure all vehicles within their operation are compliant with current industry standards and safety regulations.

The software they have developed offers fully customised vehicle checks, defect reporting capabilities and fleet maintenance management, all for £1 per week, per vehicle.

“The CheckedSafe team initially approached us with their focus placed on improving two core aspects of their business – their website and their brand. After an initial brainstorming and get-to-know-you session involving ourselves and Darran and Gary from CheckedSafe, our designers set to work creating some new visuals for the website, and they’ve been making some excellent progress!

“We’ve also been spending some time giving the overall brand a bit of TLC, updating the colours slightly, modernising the logo and introducing a new font to bring the look more up to date.

“With plans for some of the additional web content to be housed within a dedicated knowledge hub to emphasise the expertise and industry experience of the CheckedSafe team, the design we’re currently working towards is much more streamlined, and the layout simplified, to ensure CheckedSafe’s core services remain the key focus throughout.

“CheckedSafe approached us as they were looking to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with an agency who could support them with the management of their website and the marketing of their business, both online and offline, with the aim to improve the brand’s presence and deliver real results.

“With PPC and SEO management also part of our strategy, we’re looking forward to continuing our work with CheckedSafe on an ongoing basis to see their marketing goals realised!”

If you need some help with bringing your brand up to date, redesigning your website, improving your social media presence or finding the perfect words to reflect your business and sell your services, the Root Fifty-Two team can help. Get in touch with the team on 01282 685430, or drop them an email at

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