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BT removes risk from guest WiFi

BT has added a Guest WiFi feature to the BT Business Smart Hub that enables small firms to provide visitors with wireless internet access without compromising their network or data security.

The service provides free Wi-Fi access over a secure network that is entirely separate from a company’s private network so that guests can’t access sensitive business data or infect the network with malware.

Mike Tomlinson, managing director for SMEs for BT Business and Public Sector, said: “We’ve listened to the concerns of small businesses, who in many cases were providing a free Wi-Fi service to their customers by sharing their password details, and are providing a Guest Wi-Fi service that is completely ring-fenced from companies’ private networks. Small firms benefit from greater security, content controls and better broadband performance, while at the same time giving their customers a faster, more convenient and secure way to get online.”

Guest Wi-Fi is offered as a standard feature on the BT Business Smart Hub 6.