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Brits suspicious of biometrics

Despite greater familiarity with biometrics due to the fingerprint scanners on new generation smartphones, the British public is still sceptical of alternative authentication methods according to a new report by GMX, provider of mail, messaging and cloud solutions.

Brits favour passwords over biometric authentication methods
Brits favour passwords over biometric authentication methods

The report reveals that almost two thirds (61%) of Brits prefer passwords over biometric log-in methods and the most favoured biometric authentication method, fingerprint scanning, is still only used by 15% of Brits. Eye scans and face and voice recognition are preferred by only two and one percent of the respondents respectively.

The most common reason for such scepticism towards biometrics is that respondents do not wish for companies to collect, save, or use their personal data (42%). They also fear not being able to access their online accounts as a result of malfunctions (41%) and some are anxious that online criminals might get past biometric authentication methods (31%).

GMX CEO Jan Oetjen commented: “The survey shows that biometric log-in methods are far from becoming a mass market. Nevertheless, for more security throughout the internet it is very important that alternative authentication methods like biometry are being further researched. In order to meet the concerns of the users, providers have to fulfill high data protection requirements concerning the storage and use of biometrical data.”

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