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Blake and The Postal Museum – a perfect delivery

Blake, the postal packaging experts and The Postal Museum have announced that they have joined forces. Blake have recently opened their fourth ‘hub of excellence’ at The Postal Museum headquarters in London. Visitors to The Postal Museum will be able to reveal the surprising story of the first social network through inspiring galleries packed with incredible objects, exciting stories and engaging interactive displays, and discover an incredible piece of Britain’s industrial heritage – the hidden tunnels of Mail Rail – through an immersive ride experience.

Blake’s latest hub of excellence at The Postal Museum

Blake have been developing the exciting concept of opening ‘Hubs of Excellence’ in a number of strategic locations across the UK. The principal aim of the hubs is to provide experts in the field of envelopes and postal packaging, in key locations across the UK and the Postal Museum was a perfect choice for a London site; the first hub opened in Edinburgh in November 2016.

Michael Barter, Managing Director said, “The postal system is very close to the heart of our business; we are constantly innovating and developing ways to ensure our envelopes and packaging delivers maximum impact, security and quality. More and more businesses are understanding the value of ensuring their post makes the right first impression and our new hubs are designed to guide and inspire people; helping them choose the right product to suit their needs.”

Blake’s hub of excellence is situated within The Postal Museum in Clerkenwell, the heart of London’s design community. It provides graphic designers, marketing professionals and businesses with a centralised place to discuss their specific requirements. An expert will be on hand to help people understand the thousands of options available for any postal packaging need including specific inspiration for direct mail campaigns and bespoke packaging.

Michael said, “To collaborate with The Postal Museum in this way is truly exciting – the marriage of envelopes and stamps is a natural one but the history of the postal system combined with our expertise in envelopes and packaging will make for some really wonderful possibilities.”

Dr Adrian Steel, Director at The Postal Museum said, “The Postal Museum’s story might seem niche, but it’s not just about stamps and pillar boxes. It is about the timeless human need to communicate, and the role the post – our first social network – played in enabling this over the course of many generations. In Blake we will be joining forces with a partner that shares our values, that wants to reconnect people with the excitement of postal communication and demonstrate its relevance in a digital age. I am very much looking forward to a successful partnership over the coming months and years.”

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