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Ergonomic monitor arms for everyone

New monitor arms suitable for every ergonomic workplace. The Premium Office Arms further expand the range of BakkerElkhuizen.

The latest monitor arms from BakkerElkhuizen ensure that we work at the correct viewing height and distance, so that we put less strain on our neck and eyes.

With more and more flexible workstations and fewer fixed workstations, extra attention is needed for the screen. Because you are not at a fixed workplace, it is important to easily adjust your screen to the correct height. Important features of this arm are: easy and flexible adjustment, expandable to multiple screens and a gas spring arm.

If you make frequent use of multiple programs at the same time, we advise you to work with multiple screens. And this Premium Office Arm can easily be extended to multiple screens. In our range we have a Premium Office Single and Premium Office Dual.

“”Working with multiple screens makes the employee 29% effectiever and it is experienced as 24% more comfortable and 39% more convenient.”

Flexible, clean desk & multiple versions

The Premium Office Single and Dual are the latest monitor arm from BakkerElkhuizen. Modern look
due to a slim and sleek design. The use of a monitor arm is much more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% compared to a wrong viewing position and position. With this monitor arm you can easily adjust your screen to the right height so you can optimize every workstation.

The Premium Office Arms are also 98% recyclable and are made of sustainable materials. The Premium Office Monitor arm is a revolutionary modular monitor arm that is quickly introduced internationally.

Important product features at a glance:

  • Smart cable management: no unnecessary cables on the desk, but neatly concealed.
  • Flexible: choice of depth and height.
  • Expandable: easy to expand to 2 screens.
  • Gas spring arm: The Premium Office can rotate 180 degrees on any connection. The new powerful, patented gas spring arm handles weights from 2 to 12 kg.
  • Tiltable: The Vesa head is equipped with a quick release and the monitor can be fully
  • tilt horizontally and turn from portrait to landscape.
  • Durable: 98% recyclable

Technical data:

  • Weight: 2.9 kilo (single) and 6.1 kilo (dual)
  • Depth range: 520 mm
  • Height range: 450 mm (single) – 560 mm (dual)
  • (Backward) tilt: 110 degrees
  • Load capacity: 2-12 kg
  • Clamping range: 80 mm
  • VESA: 75/100
  • Mounting: Clamp, Bolt through
  • Gas spring: Yes
  • Monitor weight: <4 kg, 4<>8 kg, 8<>10 kg

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