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Why more and more businesses are trusting Cartridge World to manage their office printing requirements

Richard Peterborough
Richard Bruce, Managing Director of Cartridge World Peterborough

If you’re not already a customer of Cartridge World, now might be the time to take another look at the long-standing franchise operation. Since CEO Paul Callow took over in April 2016 he’s been re-positioning the printer specialist as a business-to-business (B2B) supplier and has brought in a number of new products and services to deliver more options and ways to save money for business customers.

Callow’s re-boot is still in its early stages, but already Cartridge World is very different to the image that many people have in their mind’s eye of a small, off-High Street shop specialising in compatible inkjet cartridges.

What may come as a surprise to business customers, says Callow, is the wide range of products on offer. This includes a growing number of printers and MFP’s and both Cartridge World and original manufacturer (OEM) branded consumables and supplies.

“Most business customers don’t know that we’re one of the largest suppliers of OEM consumables. Most people think that we only sell cartridge brands and cartridge components but we sell thousands of OEM printer consumables and supplies. This scale means we are incredibly competitive and very flexible on pricing,” he said.

Callow has been working hard to strengthen relationships with key vendors, including Canon, Samsung, UTAX and HP, leading to greater customer choice, competitive pricing, eye-catching end user promotions, plus an expanding portfolio of printer services that can save businesses time and money.

As an example, Callow cites a deal with HP that allows business customers to purchase supplies from HP on a pay monthly agreement with savings of up to 50%. Open to business customers who print in excess of 1,000 pages per month, this special arrangement includes full service and maintenance of devices and the delivery of printer supplies directly from HP on a ‘Just-in-Time’ basis.

In addition, Cartridge World has partnered with UTAX to provide a managed print service (MPS) for customers’ copier fleets, with special pricing and terms.

Printer management
This month, Cartridge World is launching a new print management solution so that customers who don’t want an MPS can still improve the efficiency of their printer fleet and lower running costs.

Cartridge World Sonar enables businesses to manage all printers, multifunction devices and copiers on their network and monitor how much each one is printing; it identifies devices that are being overworked or under-used, so that businesses can make better use of their equipment and minimise servicing and repair bills; it can help identify bad printing habits, such as unnecessary colour printing; and it advises when printer supplies are running low, so customers can order supplies as and when they are needed, avoiding printer downtime and simplifying supplies management.

Sonar is available from £10 per month but will be offered free of charge for three months with no obligation to continue when you register before 31st March 2017.

Print specialist
An expanded product range and business friendly options like a 30-day business account are not Cartridge World’s only strengths. Just as important, and central to its appeal, is the knowledge and experience of its franchisees and store managers.

Unlike PC World, Staples and other competitors, Cartridge World is a print specialist – that’s all it does. This, and the fact that the average length of service for a franchisee or store manager is 11 years, mean that customers can be confident of speaking to someone with in-depth understanding of printers, supplies and the needs of business customers.

“They’re experts on actually understanding how printers and consumables work and they can offer a lot more insight and a lot more support for customers,” said Callow.

He adds that because stores are independent franchises, they have more freedom to negotiate with customers. “Our franchisees and store managers can make their own decisions about the deals they do with businesses. If a business walks in and says ‘I’ve got five printers and we print 20,000 pages a month. If you give me a printer for free, I’ll promise to buy all of my toner from you’, they could negotiate a deal. We’re very, very flexible and open to deals – if the customer is saving money and we can cover our bases then what’s to lose,” he said.

Paul Callow has achieved an enormous amount since taking the reins, helping to revitalise the Cartridge World brand in the UK and address the changing needs of consumers and business customers. And this is just the start. In 2017, he plans to introduce additional products and services, making Cartridge World even more attractive as a business supplier.

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