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Are you looking to reduce your print overheads?

With a long and rich history in the UK, UTAX is synonymous with providing high quality tailor-made document print and management solutions. Paul Young, Head of Technical Services, explains how its range of software applications can

Paul Young Head of Technical Services UTAX (UK)
Paul Young Head of Technical Services UTAX (UK) – It’s all about using software to maximise the full functionality of hardware

improve business efficiency.

For over 25 years UTAX (UK) has been helping businesses with their print and document management requirements. The German-founded conglomerate offers a wide range of printers, scanners and multifunctional devices (MFDs) that are renowned for their high performance and superior reliability, alongside an ever-evolving suite of software solutions that are designed to help businesses maximise efficiencies.

“Print and document management is becoming smarter, providing added value to businesses through the integration of user-specific software solutions that increase efficiency and reduce manual admin processes,” explains Paul Young, Head of Technical Services at UTAX (UK).

“For example, end-users can introduce tailored document management solutions that optimise workflows by simplifying digital document handling and ensuring consistency across an organisation. It’s all about using software to maximise the full functionality of hardware – the best document solutions are the ones that tie excellent, relevant hardware together with solutions that make businesses slicker, more secure, mobile and, in an ideal world, save some money too.”

Software that drives efficiency While the UK economy is recovering, businesses still have a need to drive cost savings and efficiencies and this is at the heart of UTAX’s product development.

As well as fully customisable HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) software which allows for fully personalised one-touch document workflows, UTAX also offers ‘packs’, which are software solutions that encompass a range of products.

Paul explains: “Our Productivity Pack, for example, with its Follow-Me-Printing helps to make queues for the printer and competition with colleagues for pole scanning position a thing of the past – along with the lost time and irritation this causes. Instead, print jobs are sent to a central spooler and called up from any output system using a PIN.

With the UTAX Productivity Pack you can send prints from the office next door or the one upstairs, or even from an office in a different city, as long as it’s integrated into your network. This means documents are only printed once, reducing costs.

“Our Security Pack includes options to encrypt the information on a device to stop people from accessing it. After all, a photocopier is essentially a PC: it has a hard drive, it has memory and it is processing data that can remain on the machine and be vulnerable to cyberattack.”

Other solution packs include the Scan Pack which uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert documents into new Word, Excel or PDF files that can then be edited, giving users and keyboards a rest; an Eco Pack which allows documents to be electronically archived and then found again quickly and easily, saving time and plenty of precious space; and the Easy Pack which improves the operation between work and HyPAS-enabled A3 and A4 MFPs without the need for expensive server hardware and additional printer drivers.

Controlling costs

With value high on the agenda for businesses, Paul says those investing in new document solutions should ensure they look at the total cost of ownership where machine quality, consumable cost and service maintenance expenditure will really come into play. “When thinking about investing in new MFDs companies need to look at the ability of a single device or a fleet to contribute to cost savings and productivity with the use of high-quality and high-speed on-board scanners,” he says. “Most businesses can benefit from the introduction of document imaging or workflow software, using technology to digitise and distribute paper documents to generate a greater return on their investment.”

Then there’s the ability to control UTAX hardware in order to keep a lid on costs. For example, printing in colour is considerably more expensive than printing in mono, so why not control who and what can be printed in colour?

What’s more, a number of UTAX MFDs come with three-tier printing, which allows you to save costs on colour printing. The cost of colour print is generally based on 20% coverage; however, if you’re printing a document with a small amount of colour you’ll still be charged the same high price. “The three tier system means that there are three billing options,” explains Paul. “Businesses can print out with up to fie per cent colour coverage – or up to 20%, or more than 20%, and the costs reflect that. This is another way of controlling costs and another example of how UTAX is developing business-minded solutions.”

Paul concludes by saying: “Print and document management solutions can easily be tailored to suit particular needs and wants. It’s this flexible approach, using our suite of smart effective software solutions and high-quality hardware that can really help businesses of all sizes increase workflow efficiencies and cut costs. ”

If you’d like to speak to a UTAX Partner about the company’s range of products and services and find out how they can help cut your business overheads and improve efficiencies call UTAX (UK) on 01793 786008 or visit

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