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App Update

Better care

Patient's medical records in digital and real-time format
Patient’s medical records in digital and real-time format

The KareInn app is set to bring care homes into the digital age. The majority of homes still use paper-based records to hold medical and care information on patients. These are susceptible to mistakes and time-consuming for caregivers. By providing a patient’s medical records in a digital and real-time format, KareInn reduces the time carers have to spend on record-keeping and helps them provide a higher standard of care and make better informed decisions.

Manage expenses

Soldo Business ‘cash cards’ can help companies delegate, control and track company and employee expenses in real time. The solution provides a digital wallet, unlimited customisable prepaid cards, an admin dashboard and an app that allows users to add specific transaction information and photos of receipts. Soldo integrates with major business accounting packages.

Bournemouth replaces ID checks with facial recognition

Yoti, the digital identity app that puts the user’s ID on their phone, is rolling out in Bournemouth. Users of the app simply take a selfie and scan a photo ID with their smartphone to create their digital identity. A number of businesses in the town, including nightclubs, bars, estate agents, a tanning salon and a tattoo parlour, are now accepting Yoti as proof of age. Benefits are said to include better protection against fraud, quicker ID checks and reduced queues.

Get your message across

KorbytGO is the mobile and desktop extension of the Korbyt enterprise communications platform, which helps unify internal communications across an organisation, providing a single hub for content, such as news and updates, training and performance management. Content can be tailored to individual profiles, teams or departments, ensuring the right message gets to the right people. Material created for the KorbytGO app can be shared across other platforms, including digital signage screens, desk-top widgets and the Intranet.

Collaborate on the go

Lifesize is revamping its iOS and Android mobile apps to make sure users never miss an important meeting. The mobile app has been redesigned with a simple, modern UI features like pinch-to-zoom; listen-only mode; call and chat notifications; and the ability to text a meeting invitation.

Reverse auction model

Designed to reduce costs for motorists, honcho is the UK’s first ‘reverse auction’ marketplace for car insurance. Unlike price comparison websites, which charge commission, insurers pay honcho just £1 for the right to bid as many times as they like for a single customer. Honcho says its system incentivises insurers to reduce premiums for drivers in order to win their custom. The app aims to launch in July, following a successful crowdfunding campaign, which secured over £840,000. Future plans include expansion into home and pet insurance.

Easy engagement

MintCentral is a fully customisable employee engagement app that lets businesses manage staff communications without the need for technical skills. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for HR and other business stakeholders to publish content, such as updates, issues, successes, as well as surveys for employee feedback. Messages can be targeted and tailored to specific groups.

A second brain

SD Worx, a provider of HR and payroll solutions, is trialling a new app that uses artificial intelligence to automate all the admin-related tasks that follow on from calling in sick, booking a day’s holiday, submitting expenses, making travel arrangements etc.. The SD Worx Digital Assistant automates every aspect of these processes, saving users from having to switch between different systems. It also anticipates what’s needed next, guiding the user through to a successful completion and ensuring that nothing is neglected. The app currently links to the SD Worx self-service HR system and is limited to interaction via touch and a text-based chatbot. The next stage is to add a speech-enabled interface so that users can interact with the app through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. In time, SD Worx plans to integrate it with more applications, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and even other HR systems so that eventually everyone can benefit from ‘a second brain’.

Mentoring programme

Rav Bumbra
Rav Bumbra

Mentoring and recruitment app Cajigo, launched on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2018), aims to encourage more women into tech. It provides a series of mentoring videos created by senior business leaders to help women develop their careers and a recruitment database for employers. The app is the brainchild of Rav Bumbra, founder of recruitment business Structur3dpeople, whose own experiences as a woman in tech convinced her of the need for such a service. She said: “Having worked in the tech industry for 25 years, I have often been the only woman in the room. But if we are to see more women progress in the tech industry, they need mentoring. So many women approach me on how to find a mentor and this solution provides every woman with access to one.”

Encrypted cloud transfer

Transfer large files securely
Transfer large files securely

get2Clouds is an encrypted cloud sync, messenger and file transfer bubble that allows healthcare providers to communicate and transfer large files securely without compromising patient data. The free desktop and mobile application works with all major cloud providers and gives healthcare professionals the ability to transfer files of any size on the go, quickly and securely. Data is secured with advanced encryption and the option of passwords to ensure highly sensitive files can only be read by the intended recipient.