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APP UPDATE New apps for business and leisure

Smart scanning
Adobe Scan is a free app that turns mobile devices into intelligent scanning and text-recognition tools. Adobe Scan lets you capture a receipt, paper document, business card or whiteboard and turn it into a PDF. Powered by Adobe Sensei’s intelligent services, Adobe Scan automates boundary detection, auto-crop and capture, perspective correction and auto-clean, removing shadows and making text crisp and clear. Scanned text can be converted into digital text with automatic text recognition. Adobe Scan is available on iOS and Android.

Lawyer to client messaging


The LawBite app is the first UK real-time lawyer to client messaging app, providing SMEs with same-business-day free legal consultations with an expert lawyer. Through the app, businesses can: instant message a lawyer; receive fixed price no-obligation quotations for more in-depth work; pay for any legal advice or work required; review and download attachments, documents and contracts; and view lawyer expertise and experience. The app is protected with a PIN and conversations, documents and passwords are encrypted, with additional security features (firewall and monitoring) provided by UKFast. The LawBite app is available on iOS and Android.

Focused communication


Twist is a team communication app that promotes calmer, more organised and more productive teamwork. Other team communication apps focus on group chat, which can be difficult to keep up with with, distracting and off task. With Twist, conversations are more focused and there’s no pressure for users to respond in real-time. ‘Threads’, organised into ‘channels’, allow users to create a conversation about a specific topic, so it stays in context and in one place. Users can snooze notifications for specific times and days (e.g. evenings and weekends). A Time Off feature mutes all notifications completely while you’re away. Twist is available on the web, Android, macOS and Windows.

Call controller
Another Number is an iPhone app that provides users with a secondary mobile number on their existing device without the need for a second SIM, additional phone or contract. Helping professionals achieve a better work/life balance, all business texts and calls are clearly identified as ‘via Another Number’. A ‘do not disturb’ mode lets users divert all work calls and texts outside of work hours.

Instant authentication

Instant authentication
Instant authentication

HID Approve, an app from HID Global, turns a mobile device into a handheld validation device or ‘authenticator’ that verifies online access and transaction requests, such as digital banking transactions or corporate VPN access. Every time a transaction or access is attempted online, the ActivID Authentication system beverages push technology to send a notification to the user’s mobile device to ask them to approve the transaction or login attempt. The user then swipes right to accept or left to decline, for simple and instantaneous verification.

Digital travel assistant
Transport for London (TfL) has launched TravelBot, a new digital travel assistant that can be accessed through Facebook’s Messenger app. The AI tool can chat with customers and tell them when their bus is due to arrive, provide service updates and Tube maps. The TravelBot can also refer customers to a customer service agent. To access the TfL TravelBot, search for ‘TfL TravelBot’ on Facebook or visit :  on a desktop computer

Employee engagement

Cornerstone Engage
Cornerstone Engage

Cornerstone Engage, a new people analytics application from Cornerstone OnDemand, enables organisations to measure key employee engagement factors, such as sentiment towards office culture and satisfaction with direct managers. Through quick pulse surveys and traditional annual surveys, employees can provide their honest, confidential feedback online or on their mobile phones. Organisations can analyse the results via a dashboard, helping to pinpoint areas of opportunity and track changes in real-time to ensure they’re addressing employee concerns. Cornerstone Engage is part of the Cornerstone Performance suite.

Anonymous headhunting
Pockethunt takes a new approach to recruitment, mixing it with gamification and fun. With Pockethunt, any professional can create a career profile anonymously. Employers and recruiters can search for different skillsets, interests and other criteria, which gives them a list of anonymous profiles to browse. When a recruiter finds an interesting skillset, they can send a profile viewing request to see the whole profile. The profile holder is the one who decides which employers get to view their details. An employee can automatically reveal their profile by ‘liking’ employers that interest them.

Platform migration
Team collaboration and chat platform Flock has introduced a migration tool to help Slack users seamlessly transition to the Flock platform. Previously, Slack customers were apprehensive about transitioning from one platform to another for fear of data loss during the process. Now, the migration tool enables Slack users to migrate to Flock while retaining all data, messages, contacts and chat history, with cost savings of approximately 60% (from $8.00 USD for Slack to $3.00 USD for Flock per user per month for premium accounts).

Manage your account
The new BT Business app allows SMEs to manage their BT accounts on the move. Users can view and pay bills; check broadband and phone usage; reschedule engineer visits; track orders and check service status. Business customers are also able to access help and support or report faults more quickly via live chat.

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