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APP UPDATE New apps for business and leisure

Easy travel and expenses

Rydoo simplifes business travel and expenses processes, from logging receipts to booking flights. A snap-and-process feature allows users to log expenses by taking a photo of their receipts, while finance managers can approve expenses in real-time. Users can also book flights, rail tickets and car rentals through the app.

Usecrypt Messenger - more secure it claims
Usecrypt Messenger – more secure it claims


Privacy guaranteed

Usecrypt Messenger claims to be even more secure than talking face-to-face. All communications, including HD quality calls, are encrypted end-to-end and, unlike competitor messaging apps, its servers store no data and don’t collect any private information. The app can also be used to check that a phone is not under any kind of surveillance.

Stay connected

Panasonic Business has launched a softphone app that enables employees to use their personal smartphone as a business extension. By enabling smartphone users to make and take audio and video calls without using their private number, the app is a cost effective way to connect remote workers to office communication systems.

One Transport
One Transport


Have car, will travel

One Transport, powered by Gett, gives businesses access to the largest black cab and executive car fleet in the UK. The web platform lets users select their preferred vehicle class and size, monitor their account and view booking trends. Useful features include customisable business rules, real-time tracking and reporting tools, algorithms to optimise corporate travel cost, and a choice of vehicle options.


Stay organised with Tipi

Public and private folders
Public and private folders

Tipi helps teams exchange, collect and organise information so that it is accessible, searchable and up-to-date. It combines a number of useful features to provide a one-stop shop for internal collaboration. These include public and private folders, direct chat, file sharing, team discussions, ‘likes’ and comments, and user profiles.

Light control

Philips Lighting’s new Interact Landmark Scene management app lets businesses control building façade lighting, from anywhere, at any time, using a smartphone or tablet. Light shows can be programmed remotely to commemorate special events, holidays and important civic causes, such as a request from the mayor’s office to bathe a bridge in pink light to support World Breast Cancer Awareness.

App overload creating workplace chaos

The very workplace apps intended to streamline tasks have sparked an app overload that is costing billions in lost productivity, claims a new report by RingCentral UK.

It states that workers today use an average of four communications apps for phone calls, text, web meetings, video conferencing and team messaging. One in five uses six or more.

More than two thirds (69%) of workers spend up to an hour each day (or 32 days per year) switching between different apps, with 68% toggling between apps up to 10 times an hour. Almost one third (31%) complain that toggling causes them to lose their train of thought.

Two thirds of workers would like a single communications platform to counter app fragmentation.

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