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App update: Everyone’s a winner


Live polling app company Vevox has launched an anonymous workplace quizzing tool to help businesses boost engagement during meetings and gauge knowledge/awareness levels without exposing participants to the risk of shame and embarrassment in front of colleagues.

In a recent survey by Vevox, 35% of employees said they had been publicly embarrassed during a workplace quiz.

The free addition to the Vevox employee engagement platform enables presenters to ask questions and show anonymised results instantly on a big screen. Each individual’s own score is sent to an app on their mobile or computer so that they can see how they are doing.

Vevox MD Peter Eyre said: “One of the great benefits for meeting organisers when using this feature is that not only is it great for gauging understanding but it’s great fun. With many already suffering Zoom/video call fatigue in the current climate, we’ve seen huge uptake for online team building ‘pub quizzes’.”