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Apogee helps Stonewall streamline IT provision

Stonewall IT team saves 65 days a year by outsourcing laptop set up and deployment to Apogee 

In common with a growing number of small and medium-sized organisations (see story below), Stonewall, the largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe, has embraced managed IT services to improve its IT provision, in its case with Apogee, Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed workplace services. 

Using an IT service provider as an extension of an in-house IT team offers a range of benefits from help in developing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy to supporting the day to day IT needs of end users and the wider organisation. 

For Stonewall, a particular challenge was the provision of laptops, including purchasing, imaging, set-up and delivery, and the disposal of old devices. 

This became a matter of urgency during the Covid-19 pandemic, when it was critical for every employee to have the technology and set-up they needed to perform their roles remotely. 

Even in the best of times, the provision of laptops was a laborious and time consuming process that diverted the Stonewall IT team from more productive, strategic tasks – imaging set up alone could take at least half a day per laptop.

Safe hands 

Stonewall started looking for an IT specialist to relieve them of this burden and, after a rigorous tender process, selected Apogee as their Managed IT Services partner. Being owned by global technology conglomerate HP, Apogee gave Stonewall peace of mind that their IT devices were in safe hands. 

Following a thorough consultation and discovery process, through which it gained an in-depth understanding of Stonewall’s work, IT operations and requirements, Apogee identified the models of laptop best suited to each employee’s needs and prepared for their roll-out. 

A key requirement was for the hardware to be delivered to multiple locations, homes and offices, preconfigured and pre-imaged with applications and software specific to each user. Apogee’s Professional Services team provided a complete end-to-end Managed Workplace Solution for each individual device, from initial set-up and custom imaging to ongoing technical support and end-of-life data sanitisation and disposal. 

The secure disposal of pre-owned devices is essential for data security, to which end Apogee has put together a buy-back package for Stonewall’s legacy IT equipment. 

For Stonewall’s IT team, Apogee’s managed service has been a real time-saver, as IT Project Delivery Lead Leon Jones explains: “If we tried to deploy 100-odd laptops pre our Apogee experience, it would have been an issue. Apogee has definitely lightened the load and pressure on myself and our engineer regarding resource time.”

Monthly subscription 

Apogee has also reduced the financial burden of IT provision, by enabling the charity to move away from big ticket capital purchases of IT technology and services to a smaller monthly subscription. This has a lower cost of ownership than capital purchase, with all hardware, software, deployment and support services combined into a single monthly rate across a three-year payment plan. 

All in all, Apogee’s Managed IT Service, tailored to Stonewall’s specific business needs, has helped the organisation achieve a lower total cost of ownership, whilst optimising user satisfaction and freeing up valuable IT time and internal resources to drive business growth. case-studies/stonewall/

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