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Apogee Expands its Sustainability Program with PrintReleaf

  • PrintReleaf technology measures total paper consumption through device and fleet data collected by a remote monitoring application on print devices.

In support of its commitment to continually find ways to innovate and support a more sustainable planet, Apogee Corporation has partnered with PrintReleaf to offer their customers an automated sustainability program focused on reforestation. Through PrintReleaf, Apogee Corporation customers can now reforest their paper consumption by planting an equivalent volume of trees in certified forestry projects around the world.

Recognising the impact their business can have on the environment Apogee Corporation are working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and begins by embracing this sustainability challenge as an opportunity to innovate and continuously improve the way they operate.

Based on a theme of “you print one, we’ll plant one,” PrintReleaf leverages paper usage reporting and equates the number of trees needed to reforest that usage on an equivalent basis in geographic areas of need. Through PrintReleaf, trees are automatically reforested across their global network of certified reforestation projects to continually offset a customer’s environmental impact.

Apogee Corporation customers may choose their reforestation sites or allow the software to automatically choose for them. Additionally, Apogee Corporation customers may track their progress, view certification as well as share the ongoing impact through social media, all from their own online portal

“We continue to increase our focus and actions on sustainability and PrintReleaf is an ideal partner to drive and improve sustainability within our group,” said Mark Smyth, Apogee Corporations Chief Operating Officer. “It’s a robust platform that offers both our clients and teams a measurable and certifiable method for reforestation and we are delighted with this new collaboration”

Apogee Corporation customers will be able to sign up for PrintReleaf as an add-on to a managed print services contract. Through an online portal, Apogee Corporation will help customers select the managed forestry projects where their trees will be planted, in addition to tracking and reporting on their direct reforestation impact.