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Antalis supports brighter future for African school children

Antalis is donating 200 solar lamps to support education for children in Mali, as part of a global collaboration with ChildFund International.

Brighter future for African school children
Brighter future for African school children

Provided through the charity’s ‘Light to Learn’ campaign, the solar lamps can supply up to 16 hours of intense light and up to 100 hours of soft light when completely charged, enabling children living in villages without electricity to do their homework after dark.

For its latest Cyclus campaign, Antalis asked members of the print community to watch a special video all about ‘Light to Learn’, donating one solar lamp for every 25 views. Running throughout May and June 2017, the campaign quickly reached its target of 200 lamps. Participating customers received a free Cyclus 100% recyclable notepad.

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