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Android on the march

The use of Android tablets and handhelds is on the rise in business, but security remains a concern, reveals new research by Panasonic Business.

According to its survey of 250 UK buyers of notebooks, tablets and handheld devices for mobile workforces, 72% of tablets and handheld devices in businesses (excluding smartphones) are based on the Android operating system.

Android is valued for its flexibility (cited by 59%), security (58%) and affordability (52%).

However, users feel they ought to be doing more to secure their devices, including deploying security patches four times more often than they currently do.

Two thirds (66%) rely on their IT departments to do this, with just over one third (38%) using a Mobile Device Management solution for the purpose. Almost one third (30%) take equipment manufacturer updates via firmware over the air, 23% rely on the user, 22% use an IT support company and 16% use a reseller.

When asked what management capabilities they looked for in an Android device used for business, respondents highlighted the following:

A customisable OS to meet the business’s unique requirements 50%
Android for Work 47%
Policy Management Tool/Console for firmware updates 41%
Enhanced Android Security support 37%
Incorporation of certified 3rd party security solution 35%
Free of charge, out of the box productivity and manageability apps 35%
Staging, EMM certifications, licences and customised MDM apps 33%
SCOMO (Software Component Management Object) 30%
Compatibility across different devices from the same manufacturer 30%
FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) 29%
Optional modular-based developer package 23%

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