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All under one roof

Monmouthshire Housing Association is looking forward to savings of £24,000 after installing environmentally-friendly Toshiba TEC MFPs running Papercut print management software.

Managing such a vast and diverse estate requires effective administrative processes and workflows.
Managing such a vast and diverse estate requires effective administrative processes and workflows.

Since it was established in 2008, Monmouthshire Housing Association’s primary objectives have been to provide and manage affordable homes across this historic Welsh county, to make sure that its 3,600 homes and 290 leasehold properties meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard and to ensure that garages and land within its estates are properly managed. Its vision is to be the top performing social enterprise in Wales by 2019.

Managing such a vast and diverse estate requires effective administrative processes and workflows. Because Monmouthshire Housing Association is a not-for-profit organisation that ploughs all available financial resources back into its housing stock, it is vital that they are cost-efficient as well.

On this basis, Monmouthshire Housing Association Information Services Manager Mark Gauntlett had become increasingly concerned with the level of inefficiency and waste in the organisation’s print and document management operation. “With 150 staff printing and scanning to multiple fie paths, ascertaining who was doing what was almost impossible and, although I knew that there was a problem, I had no way of effiiently monitoring or controlling our print costs. We also do some printing on behalf of partner organisations and I wanted to be able to charge them accurately for their usage,” he said.

Gauntlett called in Antony McCarthy, Document Solutions Expert at Toshiba TEC, to explain the issue and to find out what could be done to address it. “During our conversation it was clear that corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable operating practices are very important to the organisation,” explained McCarthy. “With some of the most energy-efficient MFPs on the market, I felt that the best way to highlight their advantages would be to invite Mark Gauntlett to Toshiba TEC’s Cardiff showroom, so that he could get hands-on and also speak to our Pre-sales Technical Consultant, Jason Sitch.”

Print tracking

As part of his presentation Sitch used an e-STUDIO5055CSE to demonstrate the breadth of features found in Toshiba TEC MFPs. Importantly, given the requirements outlined by Gauntlett, the device also featured the PaperCut print management solution, which facilitates the tracking of printing, copying and scanning activities by user, device or department.

“PaperCut collects data via a print server and allows administrators to monitor usage patterns and costs and take appropriate action when necessary,” Sitch said. “The ability to implement quotas and restrict where certain types of printing can take place has been proven to facilitate signifiant cost savings. With one simple interface, PaperCut’s control features are easy to use and form the basis of an advanced administration system.”

Print queues

Having assessed various options, Gauntlett opted for four e-STUDIO4555CSE MFPs and one e-STUDIO2550CSE. The former is a quiet and user-friendly colour A3 MFP with excellent print quality and advanced security features; the latter is a more compact device offering exceptional scalability and affordability.

PaperCut was successfully installed on all fie MFPs. Now, instead of being output instantly, print jobs are sent to a print queue. Using their door fob for authentication, users can access queued print jobs and output them on any networked device when they are present to pick them up, thereby keeping information and data secure. Users have the ability to delete a specifi print command and if any jobs haven’t been actioned after a certain period of time, the MFP will cancel them automatically.

To save both money and paper, mono and duplex printing are set as default options. Monmouthshire Housing Association has also set up internal accounts within PaperCut so that users can charge their printing to other cost centres or organisations. Automatic toner ordering and meter readings reduce the administrative burden and ensure the MFPs run smoothly.

Green machines

The e-STUDIO MFPs comply with Toshiba TEC’s strict environmental policy by incorporating innovative features such as a toner recycling system, which ensures absolutely no toner goes to waste. In addition, as part of its pioneering Carbon Zero Scheme, the company guarantees that all carbon emissions produced during the manufacture of each MFP are offset in their entirety.

Monmouthshire Housing Association’s Mark Gauntlett is delighted with the results and with the cost savings Toshiba is delivering. “Optimising our print and document management infrastructure has made a positive difference to our overall operation in terms of streamlining our workflows and minimising waste,” he said. “It has also given us a vital way to control and monitor our printbased resources so that we can achieve on-going savings. I gave Toshiba TEC a tough brief and not only has it met all of my requirements, in many cases it has exceeded them. We are set to save at least £24,000 over the term of the contract as a result.”

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