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AIIM Forum UK Information management in 2015

Business managers can learn about the latest developments and applications of electronic content management (ECM) at AIIM Forum UK, taking place in Earls Court on June 24.

As technology continues to advance, so must our understanding of how to use it correctly.
As technology continues to advance, so must our understanding of how to use it correctly.

The one-day conference boasts an impressive line-up of speakers and thought leaders offering their insights into the new era of information management, alongside an exhibition showcasing the latest hardware and software solutions.

Here, Doug Miles, Director of AIIM Market Intelligence, outlines some of the key trends shaping content management in 2015 and explains why readers should attend AIIM Forum UK 2015.

Who should attend the AIIM Forum UK?

Doug Miles: The AIIM Forum covers both the ‘Why?’ and the ‘How to’ of information and content management, and will prove useful to business decision-makers, operations managers, technical implementers and those who we might call information stakeholders. Most departments run on documents and content – HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations, R & D, Legal – and so most business managers need to understand how paper-free processes can speed things up, how poor access and isolated silos can slow things down, and how poor practice in records-keeping and governance can get you into trouble.

Will visitors learn anything they don’t already know?

Doug Miles: Yes! The challenges of information management haven’t changed, but the opportunities from the latest capture automation, cloud deployment, mobile access, analytics, case management and smart business processes are enormous.

If information management is continually evolving, what are some of the main areas of interest in 2015?

Doug Miles: Multi-channel capture and digital mailroom are key solutions for those faced with big in-bound customer communications. Automated classification is taking over the filing task from humans, and in doing so, cleaning up the redundant ‘dark data’ and improving searchability of the rest. Content analytics plays its part here, but can also feed big data initiatives to provide deep business insight. Mobile access to content and processes is hugely important, and the argument rages between on-premise content management systems and cloud-based collaboration platforms. Meanwhile, information governance is emerging as a combination of compliance, security and knowledge value enhancement.

What advice would you give someone who knows they need to do something to improve information management in their organisation, but doesn’t know where to start? How can they bring clarity and relevance to the topic?

Doug Miles: It’s important to identify that there are two sides to information management: the risks and the opportunities. Different businesses, and different management teams, may be driven to act more by one than the other, but taken together, the business case can be greatly strengthened. Often there is a win-win situation. Getting paper out of processes and managing documents and forms electronically will speed up response, improve searchability and enable remote access, but it can also mould compliance into the process and improve business resilience. Providing defied collaboration tools and content sharing within and outside the business improves project outcomes, surfaces innovation and reduces errors, but it can also support potential litigation and manage IP security.

Once they have registered to attend AIIM UK Forum, what should visitors do preparation-wise to ensure they get maximum value from the event?

Doug Miles: Go to the AIIM website at and take advantage of our many resources and best practice guides. They are categorised by business issues, not technical products. There are also short tutorials and videos. We are also running pre-conference training sessions on ECM and on Information Governance the day before the Forum.

If you were a visitor, what criteria would you use to judge whether your time at AIIM Forum UK had been well spent?

Doug Miles: Business change and competitive innovation require energy, commitment and above all confidence. If what you see and hear at the Forum strengthens your resolve to pursue change, gives you some insight into the many possibilities for improvement, and some business contacts to help you start your journey, then your time there will have been very well spent.

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