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Advice to eCommerce Businesses by: Rob Mead, Head of Strategic Marketing at Gnatta

“Online shoppers can drop out of the customer journey at a moment’s notice. To keep them on the right path, mapping out their journey is essential, especially if you’ve noticed your sales have taken a dip lately.

Instead of making assumptions, a customer journey map grounds things with detailed, real-life insights you can use to your advantage, providing a plethora of different benefits as a result. Not only can you identify the aspects of your website that are causing customers to leave and improve your retention, you can fine-tune your approach to marketing and create content tailored to the preferences your customers have. Plus, by identifying your current customers’ journeys, it makes targeting new segments much easier too!

So how can you go about creating a customer journey map? First things first, you need to get to know your customers as much as possible. Using Net Promoter Scores, Customer Satisfaction Scores and Customer Effort Scores, you can create customer profiles that summarise what your customers are all about.

Next, you should get a handle on the areas where they’re interacting. Listing these customer touchpoints can show you whether they’re leaving your site too soon. Or if they’re using too many touchpoints, it might mean your site needs streamlining.

If there are too many roadblocks between your customers and the purchase, then identifying the pain points that are getting in the way should be your next step. After this, you’re ready to pick a journey map based on the type that most closely matches your goals. The current state type is generally the most popular, but you might find that day-in-the-life or future state models are better suited to your needs.

Finally, you should take the customer journey yourself to see which areas and touchpoints need fine-tuning.”

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