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Olympus has expanded its line-up of DS series mobile dictation devices

Olympus expands its range
Olympus expands its range

Following the recent launch of the DS-9500, Olympus has added the DS-9000 and DS-2600 models to its professional mobile dictation range, catering for varying needs and price points.

Olympus designed the DS series as a rugged, easy-to-use mobile dictation device to simplify document workflows and improve dictation management in legal, healthcare and other business contexts.

Two-microphone system
The top of the range DS-9500 has integrated WiFi, enabling wireless sharing of files. This feature enables you to email dictation files when you are on-the-go or as you walk around your office without having to dock the device for file transfer.

Both the DS-9500 and new DS-9000, which doesn’t have integrated WiFi, feature intelligent dual microphones, with three different dictation modes.

In quiet environments, the omni-directional microphones can pick up your voice accurately no matter what angle you speak into the device; in noisy environments, the two microphones work together to focus in on the person dictating whilst suppressing ambient noise; and in conference mode, they record in high quality stereo, automatically adjusting to how loudly each person speaks.

new from Olympus
new from Olympus

Another important aspect of the DS- 9500 and DS-9000, especially for users in the healthcare and legal sectors, are their extensive security features.

These include AES 256-bit encryption; data loss prevention (DLP), which stops confidential data from moving outside an organisation by making the device operate in read-only mode when connected to a PC; and security PIN entry, to protect devices from unauthorised use.

Both the DS-9500 and DS-9000 come with ODMS R7, the latest version of Olympus Dictation Management System software. This powerful software allows for the importing of dictation files and central management of devices and workflows. An interface to Dragon from Nuance supports speech recognition (Dragon speech recognition software must be bought separately).

Easy introduction
The entry-level DS-2600 completes the professional line-up, offering simple and efficient personal dictation.

Two omni-directional microphones ensure high-quality results, while the included DSS Player Standard software gives an overview of all dictations and allows for easy import of files to Mac or PC.

A slide switch on all models provides intuitive operation so that users can start, stop and edit dictation without even looking at the device.

A range of accessories are available for the DS series to make transcription tasks even easier, such as docking stations, stereo headsets and USB foot pedals.

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