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A sign of the digital times…..

This year’s Covid-19 pandemic has meant many organisations have had to re-evaluate the way they perform their day-to-day operational tasks. Many business practices have had to make significant adjustments and changes to survive and continue operating, in some circumstances these changes have accelerated improvements and efficiencies that will now be the new norm.

One such organisation, Keith Cook Training Ltd (KCTS), realised that the issuing of paper-marking test certificates and documents was now difficult to continue with in the traditional way. The existing way was time-consuming and slow, involving lots of close personal contact and unnecessary repetition. The company decided to explore alternative technologies to streamline and modernise their approach to this sudden change in working practices, brought on by Covid-19. One example of this was the processing of their paper-based testing and reporting which until recently had used a hard Copy paper-based marking system that required documents to be manually signed, in some cases multiple times, by different personnel.

KCTS recognised that if they could find a way of digitising the whole process of marking, sending, retaining, storing and retrieving their test and qualification documents they could comfortably continue to operate whilst adhering to the new Covid-19 guidelines that were now in place.

The final solution required issuing their employees a combination of both new devices, in the form of Android and Windows 10 tablets, and a new process software that could operate on these new mobile devices. The software solution needed to limit employee contact and allow for the multiple signing and resending of Test Paperwork digitally – MobiSystems’ PDF Extra software package was the software that met the solution criteria within the budget that was available.

MobiSystems’ PDF Extra enabled KCTS to mark exam and test papers digitally by using the app’s digital signature options. The feature enables users to have digitally signed papers and allows KCTS to reduce their staff’s personal contacts by remotely sharing the signed documents via cloud.

PDF Extra, developed by MobiSystems is a software package that incorporates a number of key features, including a digital signing option that allows users to either use previously stored digital signatures on the device or sign the digital document directly with a digital pen as and when required. The software package also allows users to annotate & edit PDFs.

For everyday business applications that have the ability to sign, date and stamp a document digitally have become as important as a fax machine was 30 years ago. A useful tool for every small to medium-sized business, these functions reduce the wasteful practice of endless printing, copying and rescanning of documents. Users simply Sign their documents with a digital signature or use the free drawing tool to handwrite their own signature. Users can also add a timestamp to PDFs, set file-editing permissions, and easily share files via the integrated complementary MobiDrive cloud. PDF Extra is the leading feature-rich PDF document editor and creator for all organisations and personal users.

KCTS launched in 1990 and has grown to become one of the leading UK organisations involved in the training of operators of “Plant Equipment machinery”, “Warehousing Equipment” and industrial “Health & Safety” with a nationally recognised qualification program for the Specialist staff training for operating fork-lifts and heavy equipment.

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