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A relaxed design in the workplace = a more productive workplace

March is here and we can’t deny any longer that we’re in 2018. However, with a new year comes the excuse for new beginnings. So why not begin by redesigning your office space; a small change in furniture can make a big difference. A ‘relaxed’ office is a happy office.

A ‘relaxed’ office is a happy office

A great place to start is by swapping your tired, stationary desk for one that offers you the opportunity to stand as well as sit while working. A sit/stand desk has been proven to increase blood flow which helps to minimalise pressure on your muscles and joints, and can even aid concentration.

Century Office’s Liberty and Autonomy Pro sit/stand desks are great examples as they can both be suited to your needs. They are both budget friendly and can then be paired with an ergonomic chair that adapts to your shape for optimal comfort. This will have a more direct effect on your well-being as bad posture when seated will have a distinctly negative impact on your work and health.

Turning your office into a ‘home away from home’ is a simple way of making it feel more relaxed and less corporate (unless you like that of course). Incorporating paintings, wall art, prints, and other decorative items that you might find in a home are a quick and easy way to achieve this. Even having a variety of textures and finishes can make a world of difference to the feel of a place; they can make a space more inviting and more uplifting.

Adding different areas that have specific uses will also help. For example: relaxation. An area with activities or comfy chairs gives employees a chance to unwind during their breaks and come back to work less stressed and therefore more proactive. Some companies even give employees a place to nap and recharge.

Having a small space that employees can go to if they wish to work in a quiet area may also help to boost productivity as it means that a change of scenery is available. After all, everyone works best in different environments.

Steve Bays, Managing Director and Head of Product Design at Century Office comments: “You may think that these changes will make your workspace too unconventional, but this new trend has gained a lot of traction already and we are seeing our clients reaping the benefits of a more relaxed and therefore productive workforce.”

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