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A changing customer experience: What Enreach is doing to deliver a hybrid tech future

The transition to a hybrid technology future prompts a greater demand for communications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms. You must be able to connect and communicate with your customers no matter where you are to build strong and long-lasting relationships with them. With more than half of all employees entering the new era of part-remote, part-office work, the shift to hybrid working is accelerating.  Communications technology is critical in delivering this.

Enreach helps SMEs improve their customer experience, take control of their communications, and feel confident in the technology and systems they use. As a leading player in the field of UCaaS (unified communications as a service), Enreach is already delivering a hybrid tech future to its customers.

Companies must rethink how they work smarter across teams in an increasingly distributed world. Remote working has changed the way we work, from the tools we need to stay productive to how we collaborate across remote teams. Many employees still do not believe they have the necessary tools to succeed in this new environment, whether it is keeping track of performance indicators, staying connected, or feeling supported. In fact 40% of managers lack the necessary analytics tools to assess the success of remote teams and 46% of employees lack the necessary tools to work successfully from home.

Faced with these challenges, businesses are re-evaluating how to better organise their teams. According to a recent survey, 92% of executives have had to rethink how they worked as a result of the pandemic. Many are working on longer-term solutions such as improved employee engagement, more flexible work environments, and structural changes to workflows that better meet the needs of employees.

Enreach’s bespoke approach to hybrid working looks to supports businesses looking to make these changes and create strategised plans to ensure communication flows throughout each business. With Cloud technology continuing to advance, making remote working even easier, and the benefits of saving office space and reducing commuting time and costs, it may be time for growing businesses to consider flexible working arrangements to reconsider.

Customers expect a positive experience whether they call, message, or email a business. Taking a hybrid tech approach to customer experience enables these positive touchpoints to deliver no matter what time customers require assistance.

Enreach’s UCaaS technology offering means that regardless of where employees are working from -the office, home, or another remote location – it’s possible to deliver clear communication without loss of quality or knowledge to support. AI chat functions allow customers to ask quick questions 24/7, getting an immediate response to their queries or else be put in contact with a customer agent for resolution. AI chat systems have had a lot of attention over the last few years, in the same way messaging platforms have also boosted customer experience. Messaging apps were already extremely popular, but global usage has risen to an estimated 2.77 billion monthly users. Customers prefer to message a company via its own website or app, but social messaging apps are also popular. During the pandemic, support requests via apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger skyrocketed.

With customers increasingly communicating with businesses via embedded messaging, what does this mean for traditional communications such as email support? For many companies, staying connected to customers means seeking out new ways to engage. Although right now it is not goodbye to email customer support, it is becoming less effective. Social media messaging allows for real time responses that are convenient, conversational, personal, and encourage a dialogue between the customer and the company. Customers can easily resolve queries on a channel they have daily access to and while multitasking. Therefore, we are working on solutions that integrate AI, telephony, chat, email, CRM, call centre, and social media. The goal is to eliminate the need for multiple platforms and instead provide a single platform that meets all of the needs of the customers.

Businesses must adapt their tools and processes to ensure that they are not only ready to engage in these new spaces, but also provide unified, conversational experiences across all channels.

SME businesses want to improve customer experience by increasing workforce productivity, but they also don’t want to drastically increase resources. A tailored package from Enreach allows customers to easily scale their communication requirements, adapting to busy and quiet times, as well as fitting around where workers are in the world with ease.

Enreach places a premium on service quality to provide better results for clients and customers. Only when you own and are genuine experts in the technology you offer can you guarantee quality. Enreach owns the technology, as well as the employing technical staff and excellent customer service representatives. That means having complete faith that the product and service will work every time. It’s a one-stop shop solution, but it’s also a personalised service tailored to customer and SME needs.

Enreach has invested in “next generation” customer service with this approach in mind. Employees are trained specifically to be knowledgeable on products, technology and customer solutions. The training also aims to give employees confidence in their decisions, able to act with autonomy to help customers get answers faster and reduce admin. This approach has allowed Enreach to develop strong customer relationships and builds trust faster through rapid problem solving and in-depth knowledge of a client’s business.

Enreach is transforming customer experience in telecommunications with the best in customer support, technical expertise, and specialist products, whether your team works their magic from the office, their homes, or all over the world.

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