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Self-driving car innovator HORIBA MIRA is teaming up with Vodafone to build a 5G/4G mobile private network at its Nuneaton HQ so that driverless vehicles can communicate with each other and surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic lights, in near real-time.

The ability to communicate with other vehicles will enable self-driving cars to react much more quickly to evolving emergency situations, form co-operative groups of vehicles for more efficient delivery of goods, and even improve air quality through better route planning and more efficient operation.

HORIBA MIRA’s Midlands HQ is home to advanced facilities for engineering self-driving vehicles, tackling the cybersecurity threats facing driverless technologies and using artificial intelligence in Unmanned Ground Vehicles in the defence sector.

The 5G network will enable its clients, including automakers and self-driving disruptors, to push the boundaries of driverless technologies through new forms of engineering, testing, verification and validation.

Vodafone’s partnership with HORIBA MIRA, a member of the Automotive Council, which oversees the UK’s strategy on driverless vehicles, follows a project with autonomous vehicle consortium Midlands Future Mobility to deploy 5G on more than 300 miles of test routes in the West Midlands.

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