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3D for all

Users of HP Jet Fusion 3D printers have collectively produced more than 1.5 million 3D-printed items in the fight against COVD-19. In the UK alone, they have produced more than 50,000 face shields, mask adjusters and hands-free door openers.

*Printing Portal, a 3D printing bureau in Dartford, has been making face shields for local NHS organisations;

*Design Reality, a 3D printing firm in north Wales, has supplied local hospitals with 3D-printed arm-operated door handles;

*FDM Solutions, a bureau based outside Burnley, is making face mask adjustors for local hospital staff;

*Matsuura Machinery Ltd and Nottingham University are making CEcertified and NHS England-approved face shields;

*Cardiff University’s PARC institute is 3D-printing visors for NHS staff across Wales; and

*Pro2Pro, a Telford-based manufacturing service provider, has produced hundreds of face shields for the NHS.

On its website, HP is publishing approved and validated design files for a variety of 3D printable products including ventilator components, face shields, masks and personal accessories like hands-free door openers, wrist covers and mask adjusters.

There are also links to 90 HP 3D printing partners, including eight in the UK, that are able to fulfil orders for medical equipment and supplies.

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