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10 Top Tips for Planning a Successful Event by Georgina May Venton Ltd

Planning a successful event can be a stressful undertaking if you don’t have a clear plan of action. Before the big day, it might seem like there are a million and one things to remember, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

With the hope of furthering the impact of your next forum, we’ve worked alongside Venton Conference Centre in Cornwall to compile these tips for successful event planning. Whether you’re hosting an in-house business conference or a wider industry event, these tools will enable you to oversee a smooth and effective experience for both your team and your attendees.

1. Pick a Convenient Venue

Your choice of venue can be a make-or-break decision. Thorough research and an understanding of your event’s needs are key here, as this will inform your choice and help you to get the most out of your event. A good rule of thumb is to go for a venue that has the right facilities and helpful, trustworthy staff.

2. Visit the Venue Beforehand

It never hurts to double-check. Visit the venue beforehand to double-check it’s right for your needs. This is also your chance to meet the staff and get a feel for how they will oversee the running of your conference on the day.

3. Dedicate Resources to Promoting the Event

Non-existent or flawed advertising can sink an event, so be sure to assign an appropriate portion of your efforts to generating interest among attendees. Be realistic with how you assign resources here – for smaller internal events, there’s obviously no need to produce an ad with high production value, but you’ll still want to generate some buzz with email reminders and newsletters. The broader the scope of your event, the more thorough you’ll need to be with marketing it, so bear that in mind.

4. Use Reliable and Impressive Technology

Modern technology is a must for any successful event. Not only is it easy to set up and reliable when running, but it will also inspire your audience and contribute to a higher level of engagement from them. Plan for the technology you’ll need and get familiar with it beforehand to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

5. Don’t Forget About Refreshments!

Food is an excellent motivator. Attendees who feel well-catered for will be more engaged and more likely to contribute, so ensure your menu is prepared well in advance and caters to all your guests. Conference centres often have catering teams that can do this for you.

6. Plan for Virtual Attendees

It’s great that we can host in-person events again after social distancing measures have eased in the UK, but self-isolation rules may mean that some attendees have to drop out at the last minute. For this reason – and for the additional accessibility that virtual attendance offers – it’s a good idea to have the option for virtual attendance where possible.

7. Book a Guest Speaker

Inviting a guest speaker can generate some buzz around your event and get people interested ahead of time. An expert in a relevant field can cultivate an engaging atmosphere for your attendees, and virtual attendance means a speaker can effectively tune in from anywhere in the world. So, find the perfect speaker for your event and book them well in advance!

8. Delegate Jobs to Other Team Members

Teamwork makes the dream work. That rings especially true when planning an event, as a reliable team will help everything come together in a rewarding way. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to trusted team members to remove all the pressure from your shoulders (and get some fresh perspective on tasks).

9. Stick to Your Budget and Timeline

In the excitement of event planning, it’s tempting to stretch your budget a little here and there. Avoid this wherever you can, though, as you may need additional funds should you require last-minute changes or additions. Once you’ve come up with a plan of action, be strict with the budget and make sure the rest of your team is aware of it too.

10. Ensure COVID Safety for Your Guests

As a final point, remember to factor in social distancing and hygiene measures that align with not only government guidance but also the needs of your attendees. Venue staff will be able to advise you on how best to achieve this, but it’s nonetheless worth bearing in mind and planning for.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re looking for one of the UK’s foremost conference centres, Venton in Cornwall is an excellent option. They have a variety of conference rooms that are customisable to meet your needs, with an emphasis on comfort and state-of-the-art technology to help your event shine. Conveniently located and easily accessible, your conference and event needs can be catered for by their expert team, so contact them today for more information.

Despite the potential stress of planning and managing an event, it’s still an extremely rewarding process seeing your hard work come to fruition. Stay calm, stay flexible and enjoy the ride!

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